Are Pink Diamonds a Good Investment?

In the past, most people bought pink diamonds for engagement rings, but now they are investing in these stones as a means of enhancing their financial portfolio. The investment returns for pink diamonds have been excellent, with consistent market indexes showing an average increase of 20% a year. This new wave of interest is driven by wealthy investors from China and other parts of the world. While the diamonds don’t have the romantic appeal of a white diamond, their high returns make them an excellent investment.

Argyle pink diamonds

argyle pink diamonds investment are becoming popular as a precious stone. They are similar to paintings or works by famous artists, and their investment value is expected to grow. The mine continues to expand its inventory and revitalise older stones to increase their value. The Australian Diamond Portfolio (ADP) is one organisation that is meeting the rising demand for these pink diamonds.

The Argyle pink diamond is a rare gemstone that is mined in Western Australia. The mine produces around 14 million carats a year. Though Rio Tinto doesn’t publicly release the value of its pink diamonds, it has been growing at an average rate of 15% and even 20% annually for the past decade. Argyle diamonds tend to be small, vibrantly coloured diamonds. Other mines also produce rare pink diamonds, but prices are rarely disclosed.

They have a high sale price

Pink Diamonds are rare gemstones that sell for a high price. The average retail markup on a pink diamond is about 200%. This means that a diamond that sells for $30,000 really costs around $10,000. However, there are a few ways to maximize your investment. First, you must consider the size of the stone. A fancy pink stone should be at least 0.15 carats in size. However, smaller stones are also acceptable.

Secondly, it is important to purchase a diamond with a certificate of authenticity. The GIA is one of the most respected diamond certification agencies. A certificate from the GIA will ensure that you are getting a genuine diamond. You should also purchase from a reputable vendor with a solid returns policy and excellent customer service. A good vendor will offer free advice and have a good collection of pink diamonds.

They don’t contain impurities

Diamonds can be graded according to their color intensity, which varies widely. The intensity of the color can range from very light to very intense, and from light to deep pink. Gemologists use a scale to determine the color intensity of a diamond. The higher the color intensity, the more expensive it will be. The Argyle company, which mines most pink diamonds, grades its stones according to this scale.

In addition to being beautiful, pink diamonds are a great investment. The popularity of these diamonds has led to a significant increase in their price. Recently, a pink diamond sold at an auction for $50.4 million. Another pink diamond sold for $71 million in 2017.

They do well at auction

Rare Are Pink Diamonds a Good Investment are very popular in the diamond market. They are rare and can fetch quite high prices at auction. However, they do have their limitations. There are only a few mines that produce pink diamonds, and only one in ten million diamonds is pure enough to be graded as Fancy Vivid. One such diamond, a large pink diamond set between tapered baguette diamond shoulders, was certified by the Gemological Institute of America in June 2016, and sold for more than $18 million at auction in Geneva.

The diamond was given to Louis XIV by Cardinal Mazarin in 1661. For the next 225 years, it was in the French crown jewels, passing through the hands of four kings, two emperors, and two empresses. However, the diamond was eventually sold when the royal treasury was dispersed in 1887. It was rediscovered by Jean-Marc Lunel, a jewellery specialist at Christie’s.

They have a feminine color

Pink diamonds are hard to come by. But serious investors are looking for diamonds from the Argyle region. The world’s largest pink diamond, Pink Panther, was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II by John Williamson in 1947. It was featured in the Pink Panther movie. In 2002, Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez a pink diamond engagement ring.


Pink diamonds come in varying hues from light pink to deep magenta. Lighter hues are less expensive than deep pinks. If a pink diamond has a purple hue, it will be slightly less expensive than one with a pure pink color.

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