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Best Man-Made Diamonds in the UK

There are many different types of manmade diamonds in the UK. In this article, we’ll take a look at James Allen, Blue Nile, Lark and Berry, and Aether Diamonds. Each company has a unique style and quality. All of the diamonds are evaluated by Gemmologists. They select eight to eleven diamonds from each batch. The top eight to eleven diamonds are brought to the UK. The diamonds that don’t make the cut are passed to less influential retailers. The remaining diamonds are typically of a lower grade.

The process of purchasing a lab grown diamond is much the same as that of purchasing a natural diamond. It undergoes the same certification process and grading system. Lab grown diamonds are listed with colour and clarity ratings. Most lab grown diamonds UK will be stamped somewhere on the base.

James Allen

James Allen is an online retailer of Best Man Made Diamonds UK. The company offers an impressive range of products at affordable prices. Their 360-degree HD videos of diamonds help consumers make informed choices. Additionally, they have a unique feature called the SuperZoom that allows you to examine a diamond at a 40x magnification. This service makes the diamond-buying process as easy as possible. If you have any questions about the diamonds and bespoke jewelry, you can also chat with jewelry experts around the clock. They also have a life-time guarantee for their products.

James Allen is different than Blue Nile or Zales. While both companies offer high-quality diamonds, they’re not directly comparable. However, their prices reflect their expertise. As a result, the difference is not as huge as some might expect. James Allen offers the best quality diamonds at affordable prices. This is possible because the company operates online, reducing overheads and passing savings onto the customer.

Blue Nile

When you want to make a diamond purchase, you may want to check the certification of the diamond’s cut. A good guide is the Holloway Cut Adviser. The tool allows you to input certain angles, such as the diamond’s face-down angle, and get an analysis of its quality. If it returns a rating over 2.0, discard it and look for the next diamond on the list. A similar website will help you identify diamonds with hearts and arrows.

Blue Nile is a reputable online retailer that sources diamonds from reputable sources. It has established strong relationships with jewelry manufacturers and diamond suppliers. This means that its inventory of high-quality diamonds is extensive. Plus, it features competitive prices and high-tech imagery. While it’s not the cheapest place to buy a diamond, Blue Nile offers the most value for your money.

As well as offering quality diamonds, Blue Nile also sells other precious stones and metals. Its online store has a ring section where customers can choose from a wide range of metals. The site also offers a Build-Your-Own tool that allows customers to design their own jewelry setting, including the type of metal.

Lark and Berry

Lark & Berry is the first fine jewellery brand in the UK to exclusively use cultured diamonds. The brand was founded by Laura Chavez, who was frustrated with the lack of ethically-sourced diamonds. Her vision for the brand was to create beautiful jewellery that people can afford. Lark & Berry is known for its beautiful and unique collections, many of which are inspired by nature.

The brand also offers engagement rings in 18K gold and platinum, featuring lab-grown diamonds. The Lark & Berry engagement ring range is available in sizes ranging from 0.5ct to 5ct. There are also engagement ring designs available that are bespoke and are designed to match the bride’s taste.

The brand has received worldwide attention. Its diamonds are 100% conflict-free and sustainable. Lark & Berry’s cultured diamonds are formed in a controlled environment, replicating the conditions where diamonds are formed in the earth’s mantle. This process results in a lower waste rate and less water loss than mined diamonds.

Aether Diamonds

Aether Diamonds is a new luxury brand that produces diamonds from atmospheric carbon. Their unique carbon sequestration technology produces diamonds that are both carbon negative and sustainably produced. Their diamonds are set in 18K gold and come in white, yellow, and rose color. The company’s mission is to help the environment while creating stunning diamond jewelry.

Aether has created a unique way to produce diamond jewelry that is certified by the International Gemological Institute and holds the same standards as mined diamonds. Moreover, the brand sources its diamonds from small-scale artisans and makes sure to pay them a living wage. All of their profits are reinvested in their mission, ensuring that they have a positive impact on society.


For every carat of Aether diamonds, the company captures 20 tonnes of carbon from the air. This is significant, considering that the average person releases between ten and sixteen tonnes of carbon per year. It is amazing that one 2-carat diamond can offset an enormous amount of carbon. As a result, Aether Diamonds is committed to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2023. In addition, the Aether process saves 127 gallons of fresh water per carat, which means that the environment is benefited in a variety of ways.

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