Distractions That Affect Driving

Distractions can be a variety of things, from a passing billboard to the passenger in the car next to you. Even the use of a cell phone while driving can be distracting. With more people owning cell phones and in-vehicle communication systems, the risk of distracted driving is increasing. Distracted driving can be a significant contributor to accidents and fatalities. To help prevent distracted driving, parents and teens should educate themselves about the consequences of being distracted behind the wheel f95zoneusa.

Distractions that affect driving include talking on the phone, eating, fiddling with navigation systems, or playing with the entertainment system. However, the most dangerous distraction is texting while driving. Research shows that texting while driving can take the driver’s attention off the road for five seconds. That’s equivalent to driving a football field while your eyes are closed. Distractions increase the risk of crashing, not to mention injuring other drivers and passengers f95zone.

Other common distractions that can affect your driving include talking on the phone, eating, and reading. When drivers are distracted, they are unable to react to potential problems or recognize hazards. Even experienced drivers sometimes lose focus and lose concentration while driving. Drivers must remind themselves to remain focused and alert while behind the wheel f95forum.

Drivers should also remember to organize their vehicles. Electronic devices should be put away in the trunk, and drivers should avoid using their cell phones while driving. They should also avoid checking social media and eating while driving. However, if they must, they should pull over safely. Parents should also talk to their teenagers and young adults about these distractions and how to avoid them.

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