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Drinking Collagen Powder Nourish the skin to be clear and wrinkle free.

Many women who love skin care You’ve probably heard the reputation of collagen for some time. Collagen as we know it often comes in the form of a supplement that helps nourish the skin to be white. But in addition to nourishing the skin, Collagen also serves to help nourish bones. tendon subcutaneous tissue Hair and nails too. including serving to help increase strength, increase flexibility and also helps to keep the skin moist Collagen is a substance that the body can produce on its own. Unfortunately, as we get older The body will produce less collagen. For this reason, many people choose to eat collagen as a supplement to the body to replace the part that the body cannot produce in time.

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Collagen Powder It is another popular type. because it’s just easy to drink. We have nourished the skin and parts. already in the body Today we have 10 collagen powders for drinking. Nourish the skin to look young, bright, wrinkle-free and help nourish the bones for girls to try and drink together. Are there any interesting brands? Let’s see.

1. Donut Collagen Tripeptide HACP

Collagen Powder Donut Collagen Tripeptide HACP is made from fish, and collagen has small molecules. make the body absorb quickly. Sugar free, colorless, adds flexibility. Skin moisture reduces wrinkles, makes hair and nails strong It also helps strengthen bones and joints.

2. Scotch Collagen Plus

Usually, when talking about Scotch brands, one might think of Bird’s Nest or Chicken Soup. But now Scotch has collagen as well. Scotch Collagen Plus is a supplement that helps nourish the skin and bones. Inside there are both collagen peptides and dipeptides. which is the smallest collagen molecule Sea buckthorn extract and vitamin C nourish the skin to be moisturized, radiant, smooth and flexible. Stimulates the renewal of new skin cells. and stimulate the creation of tissues under the skin It also helps nourish bones. nails and hair

3. Neocell Super Collagen Powder Type 1 & 3

 This collagen powder Made from 100% pure collagen peptides, no bhojpurihub fishy smell. No taste, easy to eat. This collagen also contains Vitamin C that will help increase absorption and increase collagen production in the body better as well. This collagen, in addition to increasing flexibility, tightening, helps the skin to be smoother and softer. It also nourishes hair, nails, muscles and also nourishes bones.


– Collagen Powder increases the flexibility of tendons and joints.

= Stimulates blood circulation and wound healing process for clear skin

– Hydrolyzed collagen is an important source of glycine. which is an amino acid that is responsible for building muscles

– Collagen is important for bone mass. Because collagen contributes to the strength of the bones.

4. Takara Collagen

Takara Collagen nobkin provides collagen up to 50,000 milligrams, which contains both Tri-peptide 25,000 milligrams and Peptide 25,000 milligrams, with the smallest molecule of only 180 Delton, allowing the body to absorb quickly. can help nourish the body including bones, marrow, eyes, hair and nails. It can also help nourish the skin to be soft, moisturized, radiant, healthy, and wrinkles look faded. Those who want to rejuvenate their bodies can drink it as it helps maintain strong bone and joint structures. It also repairs the wear and tear as well. Can be brewed in hot, cold or normal temperature water water soluble no fishy smell No flour, milk and sugar ingredients, no preservatives. Extracted from 100% freshwater fish scales. People allergic to seafood can eat it.

5. JB Collagen

JB Collagen Collagen extracted from fish in clean water from riley reid and rudy gobert marriage Japan. Helps restore and nourish skin, hair, nails, bones, joints. Contains a mixture of vitamin C that helps brighten the skin. Absorbs quickly, easy to eat, no fishy smell, does not mix with flour, does not mix sugar, can be brewed in both hot and cold water. Nourish the skin to be healthy from the inside out. Helps to solve skin problems Help reduce wrinkles, freckles, dark spots, increase moisture. tighten pores Adjust the skin to look radiant. It can also help reduce oiliness on the face, which is the cause of acne. Suitable for elderly people and people who exercise.

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