Essential Bonuses You Must Claim At Mega888

Bonuses at an online casino are like guns in a battle royale game. They complete online casinos, and playing at an online casino would be tough without bonuses. A player struggling at an online casino is something Mega888 can’t handle. 

The casino ensures that all the players on the platform have the perfect and equal chance to play various games. So to make that happen, Mega888 offers players bonuses. The offers that are provided at Mega888 are something you shouldn’t miss out on. 

The deals can help you get some extra cash in your casino wallet, and you have to use that cash to play more and win more. The bonus can also help you have a better bankroll management system, but it all depends on how you use it. 

So if you are planning to join Mega888 or a player who already plays at the online casino but is interested in knowing more about the bonuses offered at the casino, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we will cover every essential bonus a player must claim at Mega888. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Welcome Bonus To Help You Get Started

The very first bonus that you should look out for Mega888 welcome bonus. This bonus is not only great for getting some extra cash in your wallet but the bonus as a headstart for all of the players in the casino. The bonus serves players with a warm welcome to the casino and is one of the best offers currently offered by the casino.

However, when you are claiming the welcome bonus, bear in mind that it is a one-time bonus that can only be claimed once at the right of the casino. The players playing at Mega888 are not eligible to claim the welcome bonus. The bonus gets players 150% of their deposit to help them get started at the casino. This is a one-time offer, so ensure that you make the most out of it.

The maximum amount of bonus that a player can get through this offer is MYR 150. At the same time, the win amount for the bonus is 6x. For instance, if you make a deposit of MYR 100, you will get a bonus of MYR 150, but with a 6x win amount, you need to make MYR 1500 to withdraw the bonus. 

Another condition that you must bear in mind is that to claim the bonus; one has to make a minimum deposit of MYR 50. To claim the bonus, all you need to do is go to the promotion section of the page and claim the welcome bonus. Just enter the amount you want to deposit, and you will get the bonus in your account.

Unlimited Daily Reload Bonus 

The following bonus on the list is for all the players who want extra cash during their stay at Mega888. The bonus offer isn’t exclusive to new players, so that every player can claim it. And the best part about this bonus is that it can be claimed by the players unlimited times. 

The bonus can be claimed during the weekdays, so if you are someone who plays at an online casino on the weekends, then you might have to get the bonus beforehand. The bonus is only valid for slot and fishing games and is only valid for 30 days. The promotion can not be used in conjunction with other offers at the online casino. 

The process of claiming the bonus is simple, and all you have to do is go to the promotions section and click on the Unlimited 5% Mega888 and 918Kiss Reload bonus. Enter the amount you want for your reload and add it to your account. The bonus will automatically be added to your account along with the reload.

However, you should know that the maximum amount of money you can get through this bonus is only 5%, and the maximum limit for the bonus is MYR 100. This means that if you want to avail of the bonus to the max limit, you need to deposit MYR 2000. Nonetheless, the win over is also 5x for the bonus, so ensure you have it all in mind.

Upto MYR 1288 Birthday Bonus!

If you are a regular player at Mega888, then this is the bonus that you should never miss out on. The birthday bonus is one of the prime bonuses available at Mega888, which a player can claim. Since the bonus is based on a player’s birthday, it can only be claimed once a year. However, you don’t need to claim the bonus specifically on your date of birth.

The bonus can be claimed on any date during your birth month, and the process of claiming is also simple. All players must do is contact the customer support team and tell them it’s your birthday; it’s that simple. The customer support team will ask you questions for your verification, and once you are done with the verification, the bonus will be transferred to your account. 

If you want to claim the birthday promotion, you need to ensure that you have made a minimum of ten deposits in the past three months. If you fail to do that before your birthday, you are not eligible for the birthday bonus.

Now the real question is, how much money would you get at Mega888 as your birthday bonus? Well, it all comes down to your member grade at the casino. The casino gives players MYR 1288 to all the Royal members while MYR 88 is given to all the players with Silver grades. 

Players in between Silver and Royal member grades all get different amounts of bonuses. So it all comes down to your frequency at the casino and how much you spend your time and money at the online casino.


Mega888 is a casino that offers a bag full of bonuses and promotions. Some are limited-timed, while others are permanent. Nonetheless, always stay connected to the online casino’s website to get yourself the best deals possible.

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