Fight OUI charges in Massachusetts: A quick guide

When facing OUI charges in Massachusetts, you may have many questions on your mind. Should you plead guilty? Absolutely not! Once you plead guilty, there isn’t much you can do about the conviction. Your first step is to talk to a drunk driving defense attorney to get help with your defense. OUI cases are often complex, but in many situations, there are evident technical errors in the police report, which may mean that cases are often dismissed before reaching the jury. Here’s what you need to know about some fundamental aspects of OUI cases.

Meeting a lawyer

First and foremost, consider seeing an OUI lawyer to discuss the aspects of your case. Lawyers with years of experience will just want to see the police report to determine whether a case is worth fighting. They will also explain the strategies that are likely to work for your infosportsworld  case, along with the consequences of your conviction. One of the key reasons to see an attorney is to understand the various legal options.

Should you take your OUI case to trial?

There are several reasons to fight your OUI case at trial. First and foremost, there are some convoluted aspects of OUI investigations. You are presumed innocent, which means you don’t need to testify. It is the work of the prosecution to prove beyond doubt that you are guilty of all charges. They must prove so for every element, and if that is not possible, you will get a “Not Guilty” verdict.

Understanding OUI defense

There are several grounds for defending OUI charges. Firstly, if the police didn’t have a valid reason to stop you, the case may be dismissed. The officer is also expected to adhere to the manual for OUI investigations, and if they fail to comply with specific procedures, you already have a strong case. Even if you refuse to go for field sobriety tests, the police officer cannot bring this up in court. As we mentioned earlier, if you plead guilty, it will remain on your record, and the second offense could mean harsher  thebirdsworld penalties.

Final word

The OUI laws in Massachusetts are stricter than ever, and even for a second-offense conviction that happened twenty years back, you would require to install an interlock ignition device when your license comes up for reinstatement. Don’t let the circumstances fail you – contact an OUI defense lawyer today and ask for a consultation session. You need the best legal team to defend you.

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