How can I select and research the games I want to wager on?

In this new realm of internet betting, there is yet another article that aims to fill in the blanks for a beginner bettor.

This time, as the Winning Bets Tipsters do, we’ll try to explain or perhaps assist.

How to select and research the games to bet on is a highly intriguing topic. We are searching for Ricardo Matos, a Winning Bets user, to respond to and take part in our post, which aims to educate novice gamblers.

How do you get ready for a betting weekend, Ricardo?

First of all, I want to thank you for the invitation and express my hope that my words and experience would help everyone. I’ll now respond to your query. My weekend wagers are straightforward and straightforwardly a result of the previous weekend.

Let me give you an example: Anyone who listens to me on the Podcast on Fridays would have noticed that certain teams keep appearing in my picks. In fact, it’s a terrific truth that i’ve been placing most of my wagers on certain teams and leagues for a while. If anything happens, such as a horrible prior game or too many team injuries, I only stop trying to find value in such teams. Nevertheless, you can still hunt for value in the opposition.

Since the team we are following holds the “knowledge” in this situation. Here, it is crucial to follow the entire league, including the outcomes, and to read some summaries, if just of, say, how the goals were attained. This is vital information for individuals who wager on overs.

Simplifying, it is easy. Take Everton, a team in the English League that I have been monitoring and that has been providing me with fantastic outcomes in my bets. I’ve been warning everyone who listens to this team ever since I first watched an Everton game, which was way back when.

This weekend, against Boro, another triumph despite falling down early. For instance, everybody who listened to the podcast knows that I even stated that Boro may score, but that in the end, Everton will be the team to win the three points.

I follow a few teams, and as a result, a few titles. This is only a small example of what I do. I pay close attention to events in France, Portugal, and England. After that, I merely read and hear a lot from other Bet Won users as I gather information on our AG forum. This enables me to occasionally wager on specific value wagers in markets and leagues that I am absolutely unfamiliar with. I use Rodrigo César in the Brasileirao A and Ric Silva in China as examples.

What factor influenced your decision to place the bet the most?

A trick question, to which I am compelled to respond as ADMIN that everything matters. Yet to be really honest, there are occasions when we simply don’t have the time or resources to “learn” every aspect of a certain game.

I make an effort to take in all the information at my disposal as I get ready to place my bets. Following analysis, I would say that I combine my knowledge, add my odds, and then determine whether the bookmaker market supports my prediction (bet) for the game. I’m sure i’ll be with him if it happens. To be completely honest, I withdraw more frequently in the opposite situation while simultaneously lowering the stake and my level of confidence.

But I frequently choose to side with neither everyone nor anything. I am obstinate and persist with my idea until it is realized when I feel “unruly” in opposition to the market and other ideas. Because I go nuts if I change and it turns out I was right at the end of the 1990s. But to be honest, I try not to shy away from the fact that my belief in the game’s concept is what matters most to me.

Any tips for novice gamblers on how to analyze the games?

There is, in my opinion, nothing better than watching games. We are aware that this is challenging, but in order to be successful in the field of online Bola Gacor betting, specifically betting on soccer, we must enjoy this sport.

As I already said, I would think that it is crucial to observe our teams and the ones we are following. We have such a clear picture of what this team is or is not capable of because of this. You do realize that when you look at your team, you are also looking at the opposition, right? You may therefore obtain a general idea of how practically all the teams are performing in a few days.

I suggest that new followers stick to one league exclusively. Choose your favorites from the news, teams, games, and tables. Keep up with every move that the teams in that league make. And have faith that your knowledge will grow by 100%.

And last, Ricardo, which leagues do you advise novice gamblers to follow?

I don’t recommend somebody to appreciate the French league just because it has fantastic odds and I like it; everyone should feel comfortable doing what they enjoy doing the most. I suggest learning at least the language of the printed press before avoiding complex leagues, especially those where you can never predict the outcome.

Although it can be challenging, I think that with this assistance, bettors will be able to concentrate on a single league and keep an eye on each club. Because of the language, the Spanish, and lastly the Brits, I suggest the NOS league. Since it is one of the world’s most unpredictable leagues and Mourinho’s United recently lost to Watford, the latter necessitates additional investigation.

Picking the best bookmaker: some suggestions

The task of making sports predictions necessitates paying attention to several factors. The player’s abilities and knowledge are on the one hand. On the other hand, hunt for the appropriate soccer betting site based on your personal preferences. 

All of these variations are important to consider since these components work together to produce success. How do I pick the top sportsbook to use? These are five pieces of advice.

One of the essential components of this goal is the market’s variety. Even though there were fewer sporting events available for wagering ten years ago, the industry today has the capacity to cover a wide range of sports in almost every nation on earth. Variety appeals to the sense of taste, and portals with a diverse selection of games stand out. 

All the houses provide the most popular sports, like basketball, tennis, or soccer; nevertheless, even within these modalities, there are variations in the number of matches played in smaller contests. On platforms where sports have less follow-up, quality is further defined.

Live betting is a component of the market offer that is becoming more significant. The houses cannot ignore the fact that real-time wagering accounts for about half of all wagers, according to statistics. The player wants the most options available to place live bets, which requires the company to make a large financial and infrastructure investment. 

The advantages are clear. The number of bids and the number of opportunities to wager on an event is two indicators of the effectiveness of in-play betting.


The user must also consider the strength of the mobile application when looking for the best bookmaker. Online gaming and the use of the phone as a communication tool dominate all other formats. In this regard, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with a gaming company’s app before deciding to join it. 

Many players carry out the majority, if not all, of their movements via their smartphones, thus it is crucial that the program functions properly and has the appropriate user interface.

Users are looking for the greatest customer service, both through the app and in communications through the website. So, it is advised to start a conversation or other form of communication to see how the business replies. As the sport never stops, incidents might happen at any time.


The concept that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising is not lost on the sports betting industry. The views of other users can be useful in learning about details that the naked eye might miss. The finest gauge for gauging other players’ opinions and experiences is reference sites like Legalbet.

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