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How to Increase Real Instagram Followers

Recently, we’ve been discussing using Instagram to increase your company’s marketing efforts. Instagram isn’t only a fun app where you can upload food, holiday, and family photos, despite what many people still think.

Instagram has developed into a potent tool for businesses to use for audience growth, brand promotion, and content marketing. There are 1.6 billion daily likes and over 200 million active monthly users who share 60 million photographs.

Increase Your Instagram Following by Thousands

There are many people out there who offer to increase your Instagram following by thousands, but use caution. The majority of them employ automated phony accounts to artificially increase your numbers.

These kinds of followers are worth which you Buy Instagram followers USA. They may even pose a threat because they wish to steal your password, take your pictures, or infect you with a virus. These harmful bots make up 28.9% of Instagram bots, according to data security firm Imperva. Being true to your business and your audience is the best method to increase your Instagram following.

Recommendations for Acquiring Actual Instagram Followers

Use Hashtags to Tell a Story

Although it’s fantastic to use your company name as a hashtag, you should also consider other options.

Use additional hashtags that describe the content of your shared images if you want to increase the number of followers who see your Instagram posts. You want to generate a discussion when you share posts for things like:

  • Occurs
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Product debuts

@Tostitos is a great example of a company that does this well. To get people together and exchange chips, they use the hashtag #GetTogetherAlready. They also use the hashtag when they post pictures of their meetups.

You can be found in Instagram searches and, ideally, Buy Instagram likes USA by using interesting, pertinent hashtags.

Be Innovative

Since Instagram is primarily used for images, many users consider the caption to be optional.

Be sure to read the image caption! By utilizing words that will interest, inspire, and amuse your audience, you may increase engagement and encourage sharing.

Here Are Some Suggestions to Help You Grow Your Instagram Following Through Your Posts:

  • In your caption, ask questions. Put your query at the top of the post so that readers will see it first.
  • Make your post personal. Describe yourself or the way your product has benefited or motivated others.
  • Request that others be tagged. Other potential followers can be attracted by asking users to tag three of their closest friends or a person they are grateful for businesstodaysnews.

The @NatGeo Instagram account is a fantastic illustration of a company that does personal postings well.

They produce stunning Instagram Stories with instructive subtitles to alert users about the situation of animals worldwide.

Keep in mind that authenticity is key while using Instagram posts to gain followers. Use questions sparingly and avoid making up false personal narratives in your posts.

Go Regional

Getting to know your neighbors is one of the best things you can do to increase your Instagram following!

When you go to the search page and select the Places option, you may view events nearby whether you’re making Instagram advertisements or want to advertise your event in a certain location.

Enter the location to view the posts that have that place geotagged. Then, go to recent tagged postings that are pertinent to you (but not those from rival companies, obviously), leave a comment or simply an emoji, and follow the person if you like what you see. Hopefully this is the beginning of a natural interaction.

If you provide life coaching services, for instance, you may enter your location and the word “entrepreneurs” after that. Local business owners can be seeking greater work-life balance, assistance with personal goals, or solutions to professional obstacles famousmagazinenow.

In a similar vein, if you have a real-world location that Instagram users have checked into, comment on their photos to let them know you’re there and then follow them.


These are a few of the most effective techniques for growing your Instagram following the right way—without the use of bots or quick fixes—so start using them today! Business & marketing consultant, and social media advisor Susan Friesen founded the renowned web development and digital marketing company vision Media. She works with business owners who struggle with lacking the information, abilities, and support necessary to establish an online presence for their enterprises knowcarupdate.

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