How to Retrieve Information From a Broken Huawei Phone

If you have broken your telephone and need to retrieve the information from it, the first step is to use an Android data recovery tool. These tools can easily fix the screen on the device. They are available in the market and you can try them for free. However, these tools are not reliable since the storage ninitepro of the phone may be damaged. The free tools have minimal features and you may have to pay for the upgraded version. Some of the best paid data recovery tools are 7-data recovery, Dr Fone for Android, MobiSaver for Android, and many others.

It will take a few days or weeks

If your phone is encrypted, it cannot be broken with a simple swiping or even a difficult hacking process. In addition, if the screen is broken, you cannot extract the data. Hence, you will need a professional to fix it. The repair cost will depend on the type of broken phone screen. Depending on the type of damage, the repair cost could be high, but the recovery process will take a few days or weeks storysavernet.


If your telephone was broken beyond repair, it will be a problem to restore the data. The best way to recover the information from a broken phone is to use Google Photos. You just have to select the photos you want to retrieve and click on restore. The procedure will be simple and fast. The best part about Google Photos is that it’s free! So, it’s one of the best ways to retrieve the information from a broken Huawei phone.

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