Identifying the Various Types of Information Breaks and Their Effect on Organizations

Data breach notifications need to be sent out immediately, to allow victims to take immediate action. It is important to understand the nature of this information breach, as different breaches may have different results. The purpose of a notification is to give people enough time to act and minimize damage. You should designate a point person to notify customers and employees, and provide updated information about the incident and how the company responded to it. Some companies even post updates on their website.

Decide which pattern to use

The first step in analyzing the severity of the information break is to determine which pattern to use. Usually, the sequential pattern is used to break down a complex process into steps, and groups related steps into a single category. This method simplifies complicated processes and helps readers remember key parts. This method also tends to be more effective for large information. Identifying and responding to the various types of information breaks can make it easier to address these issues in the future.


The second step in assessing the potential impact of a security breach is to identify who should be notified. In many cases, a security breach notification will be required by the federal government, the FTC, and the media. It may also be required by law in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. While some state laws don’t address data breaches, others impose stricter requirements on organizations.

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