Is the Nissan Juke a Good Vehicle?

Unlike other crossovers, the Nissan Juke’s design is not as gaudy as that of rivals. It has a more aggressive appearance than its predecessor and was the first supermini-derived SUV to reach the market. The Nissan Juke’s sharp handling and eye-catching styling have made it a favourite among those who want a car that is both easy to drive and easy to own. The stylish exterior has led some to call it the Lady Gaga of compact crossovers, although we don’t believe this statement is true.

Using voice commands

The Juke’s interior has been updated to offer more space for adults in the rear. The ride height has been raised and the doors are no longer narrow. It also gets standard features such as a USB port and Siri Eyes Free, which lets you operate your infotainment system using voice commands. The Nissan Juke comes with heated seats, a large glovebox, and an excellent audio system. The Nissan Juke’s performance has helped it become the popular crossover that it is today.


As with most crossover vehicles, the Nissan Juke comes in four trim levels. The base model is the most basic version, but there are a few trim levels available. The mid-range version comes with keyless entry, automatic climate control, and configurable drive settings. It is a fun and stylish vehicle, and will satisfy many drivers. The Juke is available in several colors, and is priced between $24,500 and $49,500.

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