Lab Diamonds in London and Manchester

If you’re looking to purchase a diamond, you may want to know which labs are best. Here are some options: Pure Carats, Chisholm Hunter, and Classic Grown. If you’re not sure which ones to trust, here are some tips: Keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Classic Grown Diamonds

Classic Grown Diamonds are lab diamonds London Manchester that are available in various sizes and shapes. Whether you are looking for a large solitaire or a small loose diamond, the company offers diamonds made in a lab with the highest quality standards. The company offers lab grown diamonds that are certified by the Gemological Institute of America and the International Gemological Institute of America.

Classic Grown Diamonds are IGI or GCAL certified, which means that their diamonds have been inspected and graded by the most respected laboratories in the industry. This ensures you are getting a high-quality stone that will last for a lifetime.

77 Diamonds

Located in the historic Arkwright House, 77 Diamonds’ showroom overlooks the Parsonage Gardens and is just steps from Deansgate. The showroom is stocked with an impressive collection of natural and lab diamonds. The company also offers a comprehensive selection of jewellery. It is open seven days a week and is free to visit.

The company has showrooms in London and Manchester and trades internationally. It employs 64 people across its various locations. It has earned a reputation as a ‘business to watch’ in the diamond industry. It plans to broaden its product range and become a powerhouse in the European fine jewellery market.

In 2012, the jewelry industry faced its worst nightmare: 600 undeclared lab diamonds were discovered in a parcel of 1000 natural stones in New York. This incident raised concerns about contamination in the supply chain. The International Gemological Institute (IGI) issued a strong warning against misrepresenting products as natural diamonds, as it could damage the industry’s reputation. In response to the incident, the De Beers’ International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research developed a screening device that retailers can use to confirm whether they are selling natural or lab diamonds.

Pure Carats

Located in East Central London, England, Pure Carats is a specialist in ethically sourced and conflict-free lab-grown diamonds and recycled precious metals. This family-run business provides customers with a variety of sparkly engagement rings and personalised wedding bands. You can even design your own ring, too.

The monetary value of a stone is determined by the market and by the willingness of the customer to pay for it. A lab-grown diamond will be worth less than a naturally occurring diamond. That means the initial purchase price will be less as well. However, there are a few key differences between natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

The prices of lab grown diamonds Sydney have dropped dramatically in the past few years. They were about 25% more expensive three to four years ago. Now, they are 50-60% cheaper, and in some cases, more than 100% cheaper than their natural counterparts. This trend has increased as lab-grown diamonds have become more affordable and easier to grow.

Chisholm Hunter

The Chisholm Hunter store is a family-owned diamond merchant with stores throughout Scotland and England. The store sells everything from diamond engagement rings to luxury watches. They also sell pre-owned watches by top brands such as Cartier and Omega. Whether you are in the market for an engagement ring or a luxury watch, the staff at Chisholm Hunter is here to help you find the perfect piece.

The company is also involved in a variety of charities. Chisholm Hunter works with Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland, an organization that helps children with rare neurological conditions. The company was started by Harry Brown, and now he and his wife Tracey run the store. The store employs second generation family members, and the brand has become a global icon in the jewellery industry.

Chelsea Rocks

If you’re looking for a new pair of earrings, consider Chelsea Rocks. The brand offers diamond earrings in rose, white, or yellow gold, as well as earrings that resemble martini glasses and ice cubes. The company even invites university students to design lapel pins featuring lab-grown diamonds.


When Laura Chavez first started her jewellery company in 2016, she was unprepared for the backlash she was about to receive. Within a few months, hate mail started coming in, signed by top industry figures and organisations in the UK. Many of these emails were against lab-grown diamonds. Although lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds, they are cultivated within a laboratory and can cost as much as a third of the price of a natural diamond. In addition, they can be cut and polished just as perfectly as a natural diamond.

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