PharmabizConnect – What is the Best PCD Pharma Establishment Model?

If you are a pharmaceutical business owner, you may have been thinking of the best PCD pharma establishment model. This type of business setup is advantageous for both franchisees and pharma organizations, as it allows you to run your organization with minimal administration and marketing expenses. It also gives you the freedom to dispatch your business at a low venture level. As a result, you can increase your profits as well as decrease your working costs.

Propaganda cum distribution

PCD stands for “Propaganda Cum Distribution” and is a cost-effective method of pharmaceutical establishment. The PCD model requires less investment, which makes it an attractive choice. Franchisees do not need to set sales targets or timeframes. Their focus is on improving the quality of their products and making them accessible to a wider market. Furthermore, the best PCD companies plan effective strategies for brand promotion. A popular brand means more revenue for the PCD franchise partner.


PCD Franchise Company operates throughout the country and offers a wide variety of pharmaceutical and herbal products. Their products range from anti-malaria and anti-infectives to multivitamins and antioxidants. They offer their products in different measurement shapes, such as tablets, capsules, softgels, and syrups. In addition to pharmaceuticals, PCD companies also provide services to physicians and hospitals.

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