Step by Step Instructions to Grease Up a Pneumatic Chamber

Grease up a pneumatic chamber by following these step-by-step instructions. The first thing you need to do is to open the cylinder and remove the old grease cartridge. Then, you will need to clean the nozzle and the fitting. To prevent contamination, keep the nozzle and fitting clean with a wet washcloth. Then, you can lubricate them with a new tube. Store the new tube upright and in a cool place.

Take the air out of the cylinder

To grease up a chamber, unlock the t-handle and pull rod of the grease gun. Once the bleed screw is open, squeeze the air out of the cylinder. Then, squeeze the handle of the gun. The grease will be discharged out the dispensing nozzle. After this, you can use the lubrication system to clean the piston and cylinder.


After this, you can grease up the Compression Tube Piston. A properly lubricated piston will pressurize the chamber. To lubricate the piston, first remove the T-pull. Then, remove the follower rod and push it outwards. Then, squeeze the bleeder valve until you see some grease come out of the pipe. If the grease gun has a bleeder valve, you can leave it partially unscrewed to avoid damaging the gun.

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