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What is a Respectable Price for an Engagement Ring?

The age-old rule that a bespoke engagement rings Manchester should be worth three months of your salary may be outdated, but it’s still commonplace to spend a substantial amount on jewelry as part of an engagement ring purchase.

Fortunately, there are ways to save on an engagement ring while still getting the look you desire. Try opting for a less costly metal like titanium or cobalt as your base metal.


One of the best ways to save on custom made engagement rings costs is shopping at Costco. This membership-only warehouse club sells nearly everything at low prices, making it a great place for bargain hunters.

Though the selection of rings at Costco may be smaller than other jewelry stores, they do offer some attractive styles worth exploring. But that’s not the only reason to shop here – Costco also has excellent return policies and warranties that make them a great option for any jewelry buyer.

A woman in Australia posted an image of a 6.55-carat ring on Twitter, noting it as “WOW” item at her local Costco. A spokeswoman informed the Daily Mail similar rings are sold across all nine of Costco’s warehouses across Australia.

This platinum ring from James Allen costs about $34,000 less than an equivalent diamond from James Allen. Furthermore, it boasts a more eye-catching setting and superior stone quality.

Affordable engagement ring

If you’re searching for an affordable engagement ring, the $1,000 – $2,500 range is a good starting point. With this budget, you can purchase 0.80 – 0.95 carat diamond in a simple solitaire setting, giving your fiancée high quality jewelry that will last.

With a bit of extra money spent, pave and halo settings may be suitable for your budget. These styles give your fiancé’s diamond an eye-catching, dramatic look.

Another way to save money on your ring is by shopping sales. Many online retailers, such as Blue Nile and James Allen, offer rings at fractions of the normal cost.

If you’re looking to save even more money, financing your ring purchase can be done. Some credit cards offer rewards and protections as well as 0% interest rates. But be mindful that using a card for an expensive purchase could negatively affect your credit rating or leave you in debt when the 0% promotion ends.


When looking for an engagement ring, it’s essential to be realistic about your budget. This is especially true if you plan on using credit card financing the purchase – which often has a high interest rate that adds up over time.

In this range, you can still find an attractive ring with a moderately-sized diamond at an amazing price. However, be mindful of the quality of the stone when selecting one.

If you don’t have the cash on hand, there are several ways to finance your ring. Speak with your jeweler or financial services company for more details.

No matter your budget, finding an engagement ring that your partner loves is essential. This can be accomplished through window shopping or asking them for guidance. Additionally, consider their style, hobbies and overall lifestyle when narrowing down your options.

Jewelry retailers

If you and your partner want to splash out a bit more on an engagement ring, that’s certainly possible. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with spending within budget.

Jewelry retailers typically recommend that couples spend the equivalent of 2 to 3 months’ salary on an engagement ring. This figure may not be right for everyone, so be sure to assess your individual situation and decide whether this amount works well for you.


When purchasing an engagement ring, it is essential to find one that perfectly reflects your style, tastes and preferences. Furthermore, select a ring that best symbolizes your relationship. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available at this price point.

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