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What is the most popular Aesthetic Surgery ?

Dr. Thananchai: from bangmodaesthetic said that doctors are divided into small surgery and large surgery. For example, a minor surgery is an anesthetic injection. Can follow a clinic or hospital Done and you can go home. The major surgery is anesthesia. After completion, he had to recuperate in the hospital. There are more complicated surgeries. The top 3 minor surgeries that people do a lot are for eyes, nose, and mouth and chin. The top 3 popular surgeries are face lifts. breast augmentation and hip augmentation and liposuction At Bangmod Hospital, we are able to provide all large and small surgery services.

About face lift surgery that is popular now

Dr. Thananchai: Facelift surgery The medical name is Facelift. If translated directly to be easily understood. It’s a surgery called Facelift. Other words are marketing terms. Facelift is a very technical technique. And has developed continuously for many decades, when facelift surgery is not popular. Because it takes a long time to operate, it needs a long recovery because it is considered a major surgery. Some people have almost a day to complete the surgery. and still have to recuperate until it takes a long time for a month. The important thing is that before, the results were unnatural. But nowadays it is very popular to come in for facelift surgery. Because things have changed drastically, it is a better medical technique. We have a technique for face lifting called Modern Facelift. It is a modern face lift technique. The advantage is that the surgery can only be done. From where before, all pages had to be pulled. But now we can separate a new type of face lift surgery, which is known as ‘Bangmod Technique’ and can choose to do only the problematic part. Which is divided into 4 parts, consisting of the forehead, upper face, middle face and lower face. and finally the neck When we can separate the page extraction into each desired part. It makes the surgery less time consuming. faster recovery and more on point

Dr. Thananchai: From the technique of facelift surgery. We can pull in deeper layers. It’s called SMAS facelift, which can be pulled from the inner muscle layer of the face. making the results look more natural and live longer For example, our face has 5 layers. Before facelift surgery, only the first 2 layers were lifted, which was the skin layer and the fat layer. The result was that it was not natural. and soon came back again But now we can pull the page up to the 3rd layer, the SMAS layer. The results are so effective and much better than the old techniques. It allows each person to choose the part that they want to a specific point. don’t have to do all Solve the problem in parts. Another special thing is that we have Modern Facelift Grading or sagging face examination. to see how much sagging on each part of the face. Then we adjust the surgery to solve the sagging problem there. Which part of the face is not very sagging? Still do not need surgery. Your doctor will recommend you to do something else instead, such as a laser, ultera, or botox, filler, but any area that is clearly sagging is recommended as a facelift surgery. The overall strength of Modern Facelift is smaller wound, less pain, faster healing and more natural.

Suitable age range for face lift surgery

Dr. Thananchai: Actually, he’s younger than before. In the past, people who would like to have a face lift had to be around 60-70 years old to do it, but now they are around 30-40 years old and have started doing it. which is only partially pulling the page Most will pull the page from the top first. Because people between the ages of 30-40 years old may still be beautiful. But the corners of the eyes or eyebrows begin to fall with age. Some people start showing crow’s feet. If it was before the age of 30-40 years, doctors do not recommend a facelift. Contrary to the present, it can be done with better medical techniques. When we can pull apart the page, it does less. but more problematic, which can only be injected with anesthesia without major surgery And it takes less time, for example, people aged 30-40 who come to pull a specific part, it takes 30 minutes to complete. It is a minor surgery that is easy to care for.

Who is a face lift suitable for?

Dr. Thananchai: Doctors are divided into two groups. The first group is people with real problems, such as having a sagging face. Looks older than his age, for example 40 years old, but his face looks like a 50-60 year old person. This is called the group that has a real problem where facelifts can help him. The second group is people who may Already have a face that meets their age. but you want to have a younger face. This can be done in both groups. But surgery may be given different advice. Because doctors have to analyze according to the nature of sagging by age. Look at the appearance of the face to see what parts should be done. must be analyzed first

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