Which Disability Benefits Are You Entitled to in Tacoma?

The two major federal benefit programmes available to people with disabilities are Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Both programmes are run by the Social Security Administration (SSA). A disability benefits lawyer can guide applicants through the application procedure and help them learn more about the benefits for which they are eligible.

What is Social Security Disability Insurance?

Workers who are unable to work owing to a major disease or impairment that is anticipated to continue for at least a year or to cause death within a year are paid monthly payments under Social Security Disability Insurance (DI). The great majority of seniors receive retirement benefits as part of the Social Security programme. Benefits are paid to the disabled worker and any dependent family members based on the disabled person’s prior wages. However, a disabled worker must have held occupations that were covered by Social Security to be eligible. 

SSI and SSDI Benefits Eligibility:

The SSDI and SSI programmes both require beneficiaries to have a debilitating medical condition and meet certain medical requirements, even though they differ in several important areas. When people apply for the programmes, the SSA gathers both medical and non-medical data to help determine whether the applicants fit the criteria for a disability under the agency’s definition.

Benefit recipients of SSI and SSDI can work and still be eligible for benefits.

Can your benefits be denied?

Yes, the benefits are often denied for either medical or non-medical reasons.

However, a person may use the online Disability Appeal application to request an appeal if they are denied for medical reasons. The programme can also be used to provide updated or brand-new medical data that has become available since the SSA’s ruling.

A person should get in touch with their regional Social Security office to request a review if their disability benefits are rejected for non-medical reasons. Working with a disability benefits attorney can help people improve their odds of winning their appeals.

Final thoughts:

The process of obtaining SSDI benefits can be taxing. A disability benefits lawyer can guide applicants through the application procedure and assist them to identify the benefits for which they are eligible. Moreover, to help the judge better comprehend how the claimant’s condition has affected his or her life, the attorney will direct a claimant’s evidence and probe the SSA’s expert witnesses during the hearing. 

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