Why Do Criminal Cases Take So Long?

Criminal cases, such as DUIs, theft, assault, drug, and other charges, take longer than most defendants expect. While some criminal trials are quick, others can go on for months or years. Many people are often surprised when this happens but fail to realize that there are several reasons why a criminal case may last for a long time. 

The nature and severity of a criminal case are much more serious than other legal cases. If you have been charged with a legal crime and are looking to fight the charges, you should be prepared for a long ride ahead. Nevertheless, it is essential to work with an attorney specializing in criminal law from the Lento Law Firm

Why do criminal cases take so long to arrive at a conclusion?

Criminal cases are complicated. It requires solid evidence to prove your claims. The reason why it takes so much time and why the judge does not announce a decision quickly is that the consequences for the defendant are often life-altering. Therefore, unless the court is sure that the defendant is guilty, it does not declare a final decision. 

Here are some reasons why criminal cases continue for a long time: 

  • The process of gathering evidence is lengthy. 

The process of evidence gathering is the most complex part of any legal case, and it becomes even more difficult in a criminal case. Gathering evidence requires interviewing several people, visiting several locations, talking to witnesses, convincing them to give a statement, etc. Sometimes, DNA testing and other medical reports are also required. At other times, an attorney may request additional time from the court to gather evidence. 

  • It is difficult to schedule a hearing. 

A criminal case hearing requires the presence of several important parties, such as witnesses, lawyers, prosecutors, defendants, and court officials. It is impossible to carry out a proper hearing if even one of these parties is not present. Since so many people are involved, it becomes difficult to set a hearing date that works for everyone’s schedule. It could also be that when everyone’s schedule is free, the court is not available. 

  • A bad attorney likes to drag the case for monetary gain. 

It is better to go without an attorney than to hire a bad one. Sometimes a criminal case can be solved quickly, but a bad attorney drags it unnecessarily to get money from their client. In some cases, the attorney may not be experienced or may be underprepared, which delays the case. This is why it is important to make sure you have an experienced attorney by your side. 

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